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              National Traction Engine Trust

              The National Traction Engine Trust (NTET) represents owners and enthusiasts alike and is pleased to be regarded as the World’s Premier Steam Traction Preservation Organisation.


              Steam Apprentice Club

              The junior section of the NTET.

              Dedicated to encouraging and supporting young people under the age of 21 with an interest in steam.


              Member Benefits

              Membership of the NTET gives you exclusive discounts on products and services

              • 20% off Morris Oils
              • 15% off boiler gaskets and door seals
              • 10% Off Heritage Paints
              • 15% off Vehicle Advertising Services
              • 20% Off Hallett Oils
              • 10% off boiler rivets
              • 5% off Mamod Special Editions
              • Discount for new Vintage Spirit Subscribers
              • New Comprehensive Home and Vehicle insurance scheme
              • More coming soon!

              Latest News

              Owners & Drivers

              The interests of Engine Owners and Engine Drivers are looked after by the Engine Owners Section of which the majority of members are engine owners and engine drivers. By pooling their combined experience and skills this section is dedicated to promoting the safe ownership and operation of steam traction engines.?


              Rallies & Organisers

              The interests of Rally organsiers are looked after by the Rally Organisers & Authorisation Section. The Rally Organsier’s code of practice and annual conferences provide advice on the running of events, and the NTET rally authorisation scheme ensures participating events are operated safely in accordance with relevant legislation.


              Winners of the 2019 Photographic Competition